Bareback Twinks

July 13, 2013

Bare Twinks

Angel Kelly, Tristan Tyler and David Becker are quintessential twinks: they are lean and smooth with just the correct sparkle of naughty in their eyes. There’s more where they came from I’d like to recommend to bring along plenty of tissues when you log in.

Bare Twinks is neat for two main reasons: first, they stick to the strict definition of a twink and second, they know how to deliver the goods. As Boy Crush’s sibling, expect the site to have the same set of models, scene types and brilliant production values.

In fact, they are so similar on so many points that two sites with the same niche and under one network might seem redundant. Heck, I even confused the two in the beginning.

But there is a difference. Bare Twinks raises the level of hardcore by going bareback. And while Boy Crush clips are limited to MP4 formats; on Bare Twinks, you can download them medium to high WMVs and MP4s. But I can’t tell the differences in quality, to be honest.

Again, you can browse the content via recent updates or you can check out the models list. Some of the profile entries appear to be incomplete though. In any case, reading the profiles can be entertaining. They’re not literary stuff but the descriptions and comments by site owner Bryan can be kinda mean sometimes. You can tell that he has favourites. I can’t blame him. Surrounded by beautiful, lusty 18+ guys can do that to you.

All in all, Bare Twinks is filling enough, but as a bonus, you’ll also get a full access to Boy Crush. Now that’s a real bargain. And oh, if you do subscribe, don’t forget to check out Tyson Corrigan. Not really Brent’s younger bro, but the resemblance is somewhat uncanny. (But don’t ever tell him, I think it pisses him off.)

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