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May 21, 2013

Massage Bait

Massage porn has come a long way on the internet in the last few years. The erotic nature of sliding your hands on a hot body puts everyone into a state of arousal. Massage Bait adds a further twist blending in the idea that the masseur seduces his straight tense client with masterful hands and a very horny technique.

It’s all very exciting to watch as the client guy gets oiled up and totally relaxed then sexually played with on the table. The sessions definitely feature a lot of ass play, where the young man on the table takes on dildos and butt-plugs, as well as the masseurs slippery fingers and tongue. Some scenes have more fetish play, like with fleshlights, blindfolds and penis pumps.

The scenes start out hot, and for the most part are real massages – though a more sensual exploration through every muscle. The massage is sexually suggestive with the client being prodded and touched in all his private parts, just in a sleek way. For example, the masseur makes sure to work his lower back and then carefully grabs his ass cheeks or floats his fingers across his ass crack. Or he slinks his oiled thumb in his butt pucker while spreading the clients ass cheeks with the other.

Once flipped over the sexy client’s cock is sucked and stroked with more hot oil – his chest and nipples rubbed and eventually he is made to suck the masseur’s dick. All sexy and slow, the scenes ease into fucking with the bottom still on the massage table and his lubed up ass being easily plowed. The bottom boy shifts positions on the table as his tight ass is fucked in different angles.

The stimulating scenes end with a cum splattered finale. The bottom shoots his load on his slick stomach, while our friendly masseur pulls out and shoots his cum all over that wet and sticky stretched hole in front of him. A hot mess of oil, sweat and jizz covers both guys, and it fucking horny as hell to watch.

Videos are available in a large streaming video player with quick buffering and easy timeline scrubbing. Additionally, you can download the movies in multiple formats up to near HD quality. High resolution photo and screenshot galleries come with each scene and look fantastic, detailing the slippery young men in all their glory.

Members can further download each video in segments and rate/comment on their top scenes. There are only a few dozen updates so far, but with membership you gain access to the Gay Room network of horny reality based gay porn. So overall you get a pretty good collection of content to go with the hotness of Massage Bait. Go for it!

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